l love peeking into other people's houses. That's probably why I love reading blogs like thedesignfiles.net. They give you an insight into someone else's home, their personality and what they are like "behind the scenes" so to speak.  I remember seeing Heather Netta-King's house not too long ago and thinking - wow. I never would have thought her house would have looked like that! So crafty and colourful, it was great!

So, rather than showing you my own home just yet - here are 3 of my favourite things that live in my home and also fit into the palm of my hand! They are also 3 things that have a little story behind them - either the person who made them or where they came from.

Pictured above: Pot Heads Ceramics - Little Mug Face. I love this guy so much. I also love all of the work that Kim Jaeger produces. What a clever and lovely lady.
I first met Kim when we worked together at a Not-For-Profit organisation, fighting evil together through arts awards and fundraising. That was quite a few years ago now, since I moved onto Etsy and Kim's small business has taken off and her ceramics range and curation of creatives rules. I have a few potheads around the house and they are very special to me.

You can even see her live on film in my VIDEO section of the website under, BITS.

Above is a bbbbbbbeaaaautiful Concrete Vessel from the lovely Fox and Ramona. I first came across Kristy's work when merchandising the Etsy at the Cullen hotel takeover bonanza! From then, the love affair began, I have this beauty sitting on my table then a big mamma sitting on the floor in the living room. Gosh they are amazing and so affordable! Not to mention that Kristy is probably the biggest legend you will meet.

EGG PLANT! As if you wouldn't buy salt and pepper shakers while on holidays at a flea market in Lisbon. There's not much of a connection to the person who made these but more about the place I'd found them. Earlier this year I visited the wonderful summer city of Lisboa, Portugal. It was so much fun and a really beautiful part of the world + the flea markets are pretty great too!

So that's a little insight into my silly personality, I hope you liked it - if you want more, add a comment and maybe you'll get what you wish for soon!