Weekly Inspo: The Bathroom

This week, I am celebrating - the Bathroom! If you're anything like me, you've never had a bathroom AS good as your parents. I feel it's almost like cooking, you will just never cook the same meal as mum, and have it actually work out MORE delicious than mum's. (Or maybe that's just the Italian girl in me) 
Though, I've never had a bathroom as big and luxurious as mum and dads, and I have a lot of friends in the same boat. Because of that, here is a bit of bathroom inspiration we could probably all aim for, even if we're not as ballin' as our parents.

Bathroom Tiles - it's actually not as hard as you think to give your bathroom a little facelift, and boy there are some hot tiles on the market at the moment that could spruce up your bathroom perfectly. Below are a few different ideas showcasing shapes, colour and style. New tiles can add colour and character to an otherwise boring old bathroom.

Small things like adding brass and copper finishings can add a little "opulence" to the bathroom:

Eon Hand Towel Rail and Shelf in Burnished Brass. 

Eon Hand Towel Rail and Shelf in Burnished Brass. 

Copper and Marble from the Watermark Collection. 

Copper and Marble from the Watermark Collection

And in general, some styling and shush-ing, though it may sound silly can add a lot of value and make your bathroom feel a little more special. Things like airplants and succulents live long and well in a bathroom environment. Along with luxurious towels and soap like Aesop will seriously make you feel special, and make your parents proud of your bathroom! 

Bathroom styling features a hint of Aesop.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the Melbourne duo behind Marble Basics are making some incredible pieces for our inner minimalist that are just what your bathroom needs!

I hope that helps and I hope your bathroom is feeling as luxurious as your parent's always did!