top 10 blogs + websites for #INSPO
Photo of Sandra Eterovic's studio from The Design Files

Photo of Sandra Eterovic's studio from The Design Files

I thought it was only right to share the websites and blogs I frequent religiously. This list is my top-secret black book of inspiration, if you will. Some of these websites and bloggers are people I have admired for years, some are new finds that I love and some are just full of the best images of inspiration, so I check them every morning to see if there’s something new to spark a little skip in my step for the day.

Now where to begin, I remember way back when I was reading Lucy Feagins blog and just in awe of all the creative homes she would share. It was like stepping into her fancy friend’s entire house as a third wheel. I am pretty sure this is the sole blog that got me really fired up and into homewares in the first place. Now Lucy has a hard working team who have joined her and they product articles not just about peoples homes but inspiring artists from all over Australia doing amazing work. Each day, and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY there is a new post in my inbox full of inspiration.


This website, similarly to the Design Files, features the homes and insights of Creative Directors, Musicians, Artists, Designers and so on and so on from all around the world. Again I have followed this blog for as long as I can remember, and it also brought a life-long-dream to reality when they shared my story and video on Melbourne artist, Ghostpatrol. You can see it on the site now. This site is a big source of inspiration for home décor and the way people live in such different beautiful ways, doing what they love.

Still taken from my video of Ghostpatrol featured on fvf

Still taken from my video of Ghostpatrol featured on fvf


I started reading the Creative Review which is a UK based magazine since I started work at a Digital Agency. There’s something about the advertising campaigns I see them write about that makes me want to be better all the time. From cool clips from Coca-cola to the top 10 new tv adverts of the week, this website makes myself question what I am doing with my life on a daily basis! Like imagine being the person who works for Ikea and says, “I know, let’s make an add about how we still have a paper catalogue that you share and swipe pages all in REAL LIFE, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?” and then your boss says – “yeah sure, go for it!”

4 + 5. Ffffound + Boooooooom both also make the list for similar reasons, they are just a great ongoing source of daily #inspo of images, projects, ideas and what not.


Then there’s these guys who I recently saw described as: A Global Tastemaker in Danish Rum Interior Design. Which I feel is a perfect summary of their blog. Gah, endless days of scrolling and dreaming must go on within their blog for so many people.

Image from Yellowtrace, taken by French photographer Erwan Fichou

Image from Yellowtrace, taken by French photographer Erwan Fichou

Is all about modern design, I feel like this website keeps me on my toes and up to date with the super modern and forward thinking designers in this world. Its always good to see what other people are doing, especially when they are innovators and amazing designers.

This blog speaks to me and I guess is also again, an instigator and reason for me starting a blog. Katie who is THE design geek also writes for Design Milk and several other awesome home and living publications. She’s literally living the dream and I guess I aspire to make my blog as amazing as hers one day.


Rebecca and Lisa are just a lot of fun, they have the coolest ideas, they LOVE home wares and interior design and scouting new things as much as I do. Their brains combined makes this blog a lot of fun to read with so many cool ideas pumping out on a regular basis. Their site again is FULL of inspiration for jobs around the house and beyond

Photograph by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

Photograph by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

Smaggle is my newest find and such a happy one! Carly writes all kinds of things, from educational DIY’s to simple steps to have a good weekend! I actually just read her 10 steps to having a lovely weekend and it put a real smile on my face! What a gal, new bookmarked blog.

There you have it, that's my current list. Are there any you'd like to share with me that I must now subscribe to and add to my ever-growing list of inspiration?