I decided to make a fun little video whilst putting up a mini-art gallery in my bedroom the other day. I wanted to share the video just to show how quick and easy (and affordable) it can be to create a bit of an art gallery of your own!

To break it down, here is what I did to get this cool wall up at home:

Step 1:

Choose your Art and play around with some images of it on the computer. Move them around in different arrangements and make sure the colours work together. I first created a pinterest page where I saved all of the Art I loved and wanted.

Step 2:

Purchase or make the art.
You will see in my wall, 2 prints I bought from an old favourite - Modern Times.
The super colourful and Fun Laura Blythman Mountains Print and my Stephen Baker Print. I made a bit of art using one of my dad's old Roy Orbison Records. I also made the colourful "Blocks" artwork that you can see in this video. I then asked my boyfriend to draw me something cool involving a cat and boombox, and finally wanted some inspirational words to wake up to everyday, which happened to come in the form of some wrapping paper I framed.
Oh and a 3D cube from Country Road that I might put an air plant in.

Step 3:

Frame it. I went to Ikea and got myself some cheap and awesome frames.

Step 4:

Plan it out again. I moved the artwork around on the floor to make sure it worked from the computer screen to reality.

Step 5: 

Put it up onto the wall! Take some measurements while you were doing this, and have a trusty assistant because two hands definitely make for easier work when putting up an "Art Wall". 

That's it!

Up close of the Roy Orbison DIY artwork.

Up close of the Roy Orbison DIY artwork.