And the colours are in...

With 2016 fast approaching, trend forecasters from all around are giving us their tips on the colours of 2016. Dulux have just announced their colour trend forecast for 2016 and they've split it into four key themes. If you head over to their website, they have made some stunning videos to go with the release, definitely worth a look.

And here they are:

Bio fragility: inspired by natural and living matter – flesh tones, lichen, moss and stone influence the subtle hues of the palette which are derived from chalky brittle elements rather than soft textures.

Future Past: takes its cues from steampunk merging with modern design - creating a new version of the old. Deep and decadent traditional hues are made modern with the addition of mustard, pink and purple.

Retro: Retro: celebrates the lighter aspects of the new retro movement where experimentation in colour combinations leads to acid brights clashing with faded muddied colours such as browns and olive greens.

Infinite Worlds: Dark colours form the majority of the Infinite Worlds palette, juxtaposed with flashes of brilliant reds, pinks and coral and space age metallics. Glowing hues are used as accents to help recreate the eerie effect of deep uncharted worlds.

The palette event includes a colour called "Lickedy Lick"!

The palette event includes a colour called "Lickedy Lick"!

Which look are you? Is your house already styled to one of these themes? I'd have to say I am definitely vibing the "Infinite Worlds". I love blues, purples and pops of colour, this is exactly what this palette is all about.