Weekly Inspo: Home Office

Your office space is supposed to be a place where you get work done. When you don't have the time to get outside for inspiration, this area needs to inspire you. It's also quite a personal part of the home, it's where you do all your thinking, writing, planning and plotting (well I do anyway). So it needs to feel like "you", make you comfortable and make you burst out with great ideas along with keeping your head clear and give you space to create. 

Here are a couple of ideas to sort out all that mess you might normally have sitting on top of the desk that you'd like to clear, but don't want to hide away in the drawers or paper trays.

Found on A Beautiful Mess

Found on A Beautiful Mess

You can make your own peg / pin walls at home on the cheap! Head over to bunnings and pick yourself up a pegboard and a can of paint! Or if that's a little too much, even just some Grid Wire and hang up your bits and pieces with coat hangers and bulldog clips.

I love love love this idea below. Throw away those annoying and ugly pinboards and create a whole cork wall next to your desk. This gives you so much more space for planning and inspiration. It's like the ultimate in moodboards.

This is just a fun little one from inside the offices of Swedish Architect's Mer Designs. These handles are pretty easy to find on a website like Etsy.com or just make them yourself! 

Oh, here's one for the minimal loving marble enthusiasts out there:

Okay so now you've seen a few of the most inspiring home offices, here's a few bits and pieces you can get online to spice up your own space at home:

So it turns out West Elm really know how to office. Whether you have a small or large space to fill, they have sweet sweet danish design desks to fit the right space, as well as shelving and seating. I really must stop looking.

Then for literally the rest of your pieces, you have two options. Hay Design or Etsy.com or Modulor (which if you have never heard of, is like the IKEA OF STATIONERY). Nuff said yeah?

So Hay literally have the BEST STUFF EVER, I am not going to show you everything but just tell you to look at their website for things like: 

I hope these work-spaces have given you a little inspiration to clean up and give your offices a little re-vamp. It really does make a difference and gets you excited about doing work, when it's an exciting space to be in.