I've bought a house! A "renovators delight" you might say. Well, not exactly but it definitely needs some updating and some fixing, so I'm going to document a bit of the trials and tribulations on the blog. This is a little bit of a dream come true for me and it's taken a little while to find the perfect space in the perfect location, in one of the most expensive and most liveable cities in the world! Melbourne! Also the place I grew up and a place I'd travel far and wide from but always return to and call home.

The first thing I've had on my mind is the outer shell of the house. It's big, it's rendered and painted in a delightful beige:

My beige castle.

My beige castle.


What colour to paint it? 
I've scoured the colour charts and Bunnings and landed on a collection from Dulux, which I think will be my house paint brand of choice. I've heard great things about the Dulux paints and they have a couple of colours that I'm super keen on! So from beige to either Miller Mood or Sea Cliff Quarter:

I'm still tossing up the idea of either, some parts of me would love to be the person that lives in "That blue house" but the Melbourne City Gal in me can't help but go with a cool grey to keep things chill. Either way - there will be vines creeping all over the outside!


I've done a little research and discovered that Boston Ivy is the best kind to be creeping all over your walls without ruining them. Some ivy's can get into the pores of your wood and even cement, along with ruining any paint you've freshly slapped down. Not with Boston Ivy though. the payoff, is that they are not ever green - so in autumn you will see a beautiful change in colours and they will then fall off, which is fine with me!

If you can't tell, I'm already very excited! I'll be sharing more updates as decisions are made and we're pulling up our sleeves and getting dirty. I'll also include some before and after shots to see the difference some little things (on a budget) can do!