Recently I paid a visit to Mike and Sheldon from Splinter and Callous in their shinny wood and metal workshop in Fairfield, Melbourne. Mike and Sheldon only recently opened up doors to the workshop which is aimed at creating a safe place for people (like myself) who don't have a garage full of tools at home, but want to get down and dirty and make... stuff!

The idea is, that you can sign up to be a member - and use the workshop as need be. To make those weekend projects you never had the space or tools for.

Their pozible campaign (which is hoping to keep it open for good) gives you the chance to pledge and have a lesson with a leading craftsman to learn a trade. 

I went in and had a pretty fun VIP workshop with master welder, Dean Colls. Dean taught me to weld... FROM SCRATCH, my very own beautiful metal plant stand. 
I couldn't be prouder, no really - I have been telling everyone and now I am telling you!

There are so so many more projects you can make, I highly recommend supporting the guys in their quest to make makers. 
I have to also stress the fact that this place was super gal friendly, I didn't feel out of place learning to use some quite dangerous machinery!

Thanks guys!