Etsy for the Professional

Working at Etsy means I am pretty much online shopping practically everyday, I don't actually buy most of the stuff I favourite - but I enjoy sharing the beautiful and awesome things I do find. So I have put a complete list together here. And I will share some of my favourites right now.

This post is themed for the stationery lover who is looking to spruce up their home office or work desk.

Firstly, how could I shop on Etsy without selecting at least one cat-themed item - the Cat sticky notes, puurrrrfect for separating pages, marking important notes and adding a bit of character to an otherwise boring task.

Cat Stickies from Dubu Dumo

Cat Stickies from Dubu Dumo

Secondly, an awesome wooden desk organiser to keep those 3 important items super safe and in the same place at all times. Your phone, wallet & keys. I love love love this and it's sleek minimal design:

Of course, the boys from Mi Goals now how to motivate and this to-do-list / notebook has been one of my favourite Etsy finds to date. Sometimes I find digital to-do-lists not very productive, when I write things down with pen and paper and then get that satisfying feeling of crossing them off my list. I achieve more!

From Mi Goals

From Mi Goals

Here's a little something that can be a great gift for a colleague who keeps handing out bent business cards because they don't have a safe way to carry them around. A personalised fancy pants business card holder:

This one is for the travelling business-person who admires minimalist design (like myself) I want somewhere to keep my passport and tickets but don't want a million zips and big labels splashed across my luggage. I love this leather travel wallet.

And finally, to organise your bits in a clean way at the home office, this shelving unit is a clean way to keep your magazines, books, files, papers, general office mess neat. 

Hope you've found something useful in this post or this at least gets you looking on Etsy for all your work-related needs!