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General Info

The company's new generation Bluetooth headset chip ATS3015E/ATS3015S/ATS3019E series has Bluetooth 5.3 dual mode configuration, the transmission power is up to 11dBm, the reception sensitivity is -95dbm, effectively improving the stability of audio connection. In the case of conventional audio playback, no-load power consumption is as low as 5. XmA, while low latency mode is supported, and Bluetooth audio signal delay is as low as 50ms, which is in the leading level in the industry. It's a? very competitive solution for brand customers. ATS3019E supports dual microphone ENC.


Technical Spec PDF Download

BT Version
SPI Norfash
RX Sensitivity
Tx Power
A2DP Consumption
Gaming mode
LE Audio
ATS3015E ATS3015S ATS3019E ATS3025
BT Version V5.3 Dual Mode V5.3 Dual Mode V5.3 Dual Mode V5.3 Dual Mode
CPU 32bit RISC@150MHz 32bit RISC@150MHz 32bit RISC@180MHz M4F@96MHz + DSP@128MHz
RAM 248KB 248KB 248KB 545KB
SPI Norfash 8Mbits Flash 8Mbits Flash 8Mbits Flash 16Mbits Flash
RX Sensitivity -96dBm -96dBm -96dBm -96dBm
Tx Power Max 11dbm Max 11dbm Max 11dbm Max 13dbm
A2DP Consumption 6.x mA 6.x mA 6.x mA 4.x mA
GPIO 10 12 12 21
PEQ 20 bands 20 bands 20 bands 20 bands
Gaming mode
AI ENC Single Single Dual Triple+Bone
LE Audio
ANC Hybrid
Package QFN32 (4X4mm) P2P ATS3015 QFN32 (4X4mm) QFN36 (4X4mm) QFN50(4X6mm)


  • True wireless stereo headphones
  • Neck-mounted headphone
  • Other Bluetooth wearable devices

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