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Lights. Projection. Life

Turbulent, Emotional, Challenging, Chaotic, Surprising, Inspiring, Creative are just 7 words I would use to describe the year I have had.

It’s been one full of pretty much anything you can imagine, not only has 2012 opened my eyes and my mind to new possibilities and capabilities I never knew I had in myself, it has really set in concrete and the people who are in my life are in it for a reason and all those others who you may have thought were – were simply temporarily there to teach you more about yourself.

It’s been hard for me to get over certain events, stresses and struggle, from literally comparing my work life to the movie “The Devil Wear’s Prada” and having to walk evil Miranda’s dog, being forced to wear her lipstick, put on her shoes and accept that computer issues stemmed from the planet Mars floating overhead. Those events are just small in the scale of things, but somehow the planets aligned and I found what was always inside me explode and vomit its way out. (Not somehow, I think I know exactly how)

This time last year I was on a plane heading over to Berlin, where I spent one amazing Christmas, Budapest where I rebelled on New Years Eve, Estonia where I found inspiration in stone castles, Helsinki where I drank all the wine and felt the coldest winter of my life and Stockholm where words can’t even describe the motivation and creativity I took from.

It’s pretty safe to say, that trip changed my life. In a big way.

It’s funny and something that sounds so simple but meeting people, talking to NEW creative people, sharing ideas and spaces can really help you find yourself and shape where you are headed next.

This time of year always makes me think and assess my life (like I am sure it does most people). I am pretty proud of what I have done and how I have gotten here and am more than excited about what 2013 has for me, though it can be daunting and a real challenge, life is worth every minute of it.

Here are my top 5 suggestions for anyone reading and maybe hitting the 27 / 28 year old bracket of life flipping up-side-down.

1: DO YOGA or SURF or SIT ON A REMOTE BEACH or BE ALONE – seriously, it is so hard to switch our brain off even for 10 minutes a day, I have always found this a struggle with technology and so much on my to-do-list. I’d lie in bed for an hour before I fall asleep just thinking random thoughts. Being alone, or going somewhere that can help you switch off for a minute really aids finding clarity in your mind and determining what you are doing!

2: SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE YOU – this might sound cliche’ but it works, two minds are always better than one and some of my best and most creative friends are people I have met in my mid – late twenties and I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it weren’t for knowing them.

3: DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE – I wish there were enough hours in the day to do everything I love to do all the time! But it’s easy to make the time, and really important – keeps you happy.

4: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS AMERICAN LIFE PODCASTS – www.thisamericanlife.org i will let you trust me on this one

5: CRASH THROUGH HURDLES & DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK – If you have an idea or a dream or a goal, don’t focus on the hurdles and the things that are stopping you but crash through them. There is always a way to make things happen, if you really want them to. And more importantly, put yourself first. If we all worried what other people thought then we would never take those leaps and bounds we need to.

And here are a couple things I HIGHLY recommend you take a look into in 2013:

Dumbo Feather Conversation Series - I listened to Mr Chad Dickerson (Etsy CEO) speak at the first of Dumbo’s conversation series, that was also a special moment in my life, which I will write about shortly.

The School Of Life - has all of life’s answers and is hitting Melbourne Town in Jan 2013!!!

Okay enough of my crazy philosophical rantings! This is the most personal I have ever gotten in a blog post but it’s a pretty important one hey.

For now, here are some iphone pics I snapped whilst wandering around Melbourne City the other night. Town hall at the moment is pretty mind blowing, and ya’ll know how much I love a good light projection fun!

Melbourne Town Hall Christmas

Melbourne Town Hall Christmas

Melbourne Christmas

Shakespeare, Pizza, Punk Rock to Etsy CEO!

I feel like I have finally exploded and discovered what it is I have been looking for. It’s like when you were young and you collected Tazo’s from chip packets or Marbles and there was one you REALLY needed but never got. That Steelie or Cherry marble that was worth so much – tonight I got it!

I honestly believe a stream of events over the past few years have led me to this feeling. Here is a condensed version of the stream of events in a kind of chronological order:

  • Grew up making and creating with all kinds of materials thanks to a Crafty Mum, Arty Sister, a “make and recreate” Nonno.
  • Went through Primary School entering Corinella colouring competitions and to this day, have not let my better half ever forget that I won money and prizes from my mad colouring-in skillz.
  • Went to a High School, not knowing anyone, struggled through growing up and struggling with art (Thanks Miss Sharp for the -D on my perspective drawing), but then received DUX of Visual Communication & Design (Win).
  • Surrounded myself with a super talented, musical & creative set of friends.
  • Studied Applied Design at Swinburne Uni, learned some mad skillz, met some mad people and realised I did not want to work “for the man” taking orders.
  • Dropped in and out of mediocre jobs always dreaming big and starting my own hand-made business (Thank you Etsy, Thank you)
  • Traveled here there & everywhere with my best friend and inspiring partner
  • Worked in an amazing non-for-profit org with some equally amazing people that inspire me everyday to stay true to myself and maintain compassion for humanity.
  • Left them for the “Dream Job”
  • Nowadays I describe my life as – “You know the character who Anne Hathaway plays in The Devil Wears Prada” yeah- that’s me.

Whilst living through all of these dot points, I did learn a lot of valuable lessons, met a bunch of inspirational people and have been exposed to a world that can really be, whatever you want it to be. So this takes me to where I am now.
I don’t want to reveal any immediate plans yet, as they are still just plans but I am REALLY excited and cannot wait to get things off the ground (finally).

All this rambling was spawned from my evening last night, having the opportunity to listen to one of my heroes, Chad Dickerson, in a sold out session at the inspirational Dumbo Feather HQ (Incredible Whitehouse, St Kilda). One quote fom Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson I will remember and have scribed into my journal is “It’s not about making a living, is about making a life you want to lead.”

It is so true, its never the money that is the issue, its are you doing what you love? And if you are, then you are probably happy, and of course money helps to pay the bills – but essentially, it’s not what you need to be successful or happy.

Chad also spoke about the idea of Small Businesses taking over the world. Which I am totally down for! Etsy is the perfect platform for this concept, and I am eternally inspired and thankful that this community exists, giving small businesses a voice and a chance to make and sell their “handy crafts”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for now, so I will leave this discussion open… I just had to expel my excitement from the night. I know so many creative souls with more talent than you can poke a stick at, and it is because of communities like “Etsy” that people can be themselves and find success in what they truly love.

Peace out peeps.