With over 10 years experience in both creative and digital industries, I now specialise in a range of skills from digital marketing, social media, PR & Communications to styling and events. I enjoy finding the extraordinary in what others may see as ordinary and sharing it with the world.

I started a video production business in 2012 called Historia Films creating beautiful online videos on different topics.

I am always looking for my next freelance opportunity in copywriting for eCommerce sites and websites along with social media strategy and management.

I am obsessed with home and interiors and am always making or working on something around the house, you can read about style and trends I love on my blog.

In 2016 I spent the year house-sitting and moving around, living from a suitcase in order to save up enough of a deposit to buy my first home... and I did! I am now sharing money saving tips on the blog so you can do the same.