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I love building blocks. In fact, I was always that little girl at kinda who preferred to play with all the boys and the building blocks while the girls were playing with dolls. I then went on to become a master at lego and meccano kits, and now I've gone back to the old wooden blocks!

I recently fell in love with the Hay Design Block set. I saw the set on display at minimum in Berlin whilst I was there and HAD to have it. Though they only had the display set left, even though it the blocks themselves had a few bumps and bruises on them, I didn't care.

Now since bringing the blocks home, I've been unsure of how to display them - until today! I went on a little trip to Ikea and got myself a basic box frame and put the blocks into the frame to create a nice little piece of art for my house.

I was rather chuffed and made this video to show you how to do the same thing! You can put anything in a box frame as well. Autumn leaves, petals, movie tickets... the ideas are endless.


  • 1 x Ikea Box Frame
  • 1 x Set of Hay Design Blocks
  • 1 x iPhone

Hope you enjoy!

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