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I am the homeware lover in some people's lives, so I thought there was no better person to put together a glorious list of gift ideas for someone like me, that you might know!

The general rules with buying Chrissy pressies for the ones you love, is to give them a gift that they wouldn't usually purchase for themselves. That rule, brings me to Etsy.com. What better place to find the weird, the wonderful, the unique, the handmade and the perfect gift for that special someone!

So here are my top 10 finds that I would LOVE for Christmas, and I am pretty certain, the homewares lover in your life would also love!

1. Splatter Plate from Admad
I am a sucker for ceramics (as you will notice after reading on) and this beautiful splatter plate from Admad would look GREAT in my kitchen, maybe with some raspberries sprinkled on top.

2. Geometric Lamp from Polymorphics
This lovely lamp has a gorgeous colour palette, it's a hard shape but the soft colours work so well. There's something really sweet about it and though I wouldn't usually justify something like this for myself, I'd be stoked if someone else did!

3. Washable Paper Bags from Sunday Home
These are perfect for literally anything! Fruit, Jewellery, Scarves, Tools, Knick-Knacks... whatever! I could find a use for them!

4. Concrete Planters from Fox and Ramona
Kristy from Fox and Ramona is one of the most hard-working women I know. I love her lust for cement and making and how her whole family is on board with her taking over the house and following her dreams! Her planters are amazing, I have a big and a little one and I could definitely do with a few more in the house.

5. Ms Betty's Bad Ass Bitch Candle
These are hilarious! Who wouldn't LOVE one of these?

6. Bare Ceramics Espresso Cups
Oh these are so sweet and so simple but quirky enough to make everyone laugh when they're drinking a wee cup of espresso after dinner and dessert!

7. Handmade Gold Handle Mugs from Ende Ceramics
These are a cute accompaniment to the espresso cups above! Why not add some golden dazzle to your home?

8. Washed Linen Table Runner from Linen Tales
Ohhhh la la look at this beautiful thing! Guaranteed love from whoever you gift this too.

9. Brass Triangle from Sprout Friends
This one is for the trend-setters! The addition of an air-plant adds a nice touch and a cute talking point for the home. I love the simplicity in this, it kind of even reminds me of a minds-eye.

10. Bind and Fold Table Linen Gift Pack
As seen in the header image, this is a quick-win and perfect last minute find for any homewares addict! Plus Vic Pemberton who makes the linen and shibori dye's it all herself, is a wonder-woman!

There you have it, you can find so so so many more ideas and #etsygifts via this wonderful shopping guide. Go on, spoil that homeware's lover you know! Or just shower me with gifts maybe?

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