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Refresh Your Home for Summer Entertaining

Refresh Your Home for Summer Entertaining

Image via: The Design Files Open House

Image via: The Design Files Open House

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re like me and love the outdoors, then you might have already started entertaining guests on the warmer evenings. I love having friends and family over and cooking for them, it’s one of my favourite things to do, which is why I get so excited about daylight savings and warm weather!

If you’re going to invite guests over for a summer BBQ or drink, it’s always really nice to make sure your home is feeling fresh, warm and welcoming! Here are 5 of my top tips and ideas on how to refresh your home for summer entertaining.

1. Bright textured cushions:

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Swap out your old cushion covers for some new brighter alternatives.

This cushion is the ultimate in adding textures and colour.

I am obsessed with the colour of this cushion, its so bright and cheery, how could you not feel happy snuggling into this?

This is just a little too cool not to add, and I love quirky prints on cushions. It adds another talking point to the home. Don’t only think about the colour when choosing new cushions, but also different textures and prints to add a fresh new feel.

2. New mugs:

Throughout the year, there is no doubt I will break at least one or two mugs and I always end up with a random collection of gifted mugs. So before you entertain, throw away your old mismatched mugs and by a new beautiful set! It doesn’t have to be expensive. These Robert Gordon mugs are super affordable, colourful and have a beautiful mixed texture finish.

3. Add some art:

If you don’t already, try putting up a couple of new prints on the walls, use white frames and colourful or minimal prints to create a talking point for when guests are over. Even make your own artwork or frame some of the kids!

Pastel paintings and prints are a nice subtle way to add colour and brighten up walls.

Laura Blythman not only shares the best name in the world with me (jokes) but we also share the same love for fun poppy colours.

You can find an abundance of high quality affordable art on Etsy.com which is how I first discovered the talented Belinda Marshall.

4. Planters, planters, planters:

Green foliage will always bring a fresh feel to the home! You can find some stunning plant stands in stores nowadays which means you can put any kind of plant on top. My home is filled with ferns, spider plants, mother’s tongues and fruit trees! They will definitely add a breath of fresh air to the home!

I can’t go past the mega talented ladies of wirely homes and their planters.

5. Serving In Style

Treat your guests and yourself by serving dishes in some cute, quirky or colourful serving trays! I’m sure your cooking is delicious, so make sure you present it well with different serving plates made of different materials like the three below:

There you have it, I’d love to see how you also refresh your home for summer entertaining.

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