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What Makes a House Feel Homely?

What Makes a House Feel Homely?

Vitrahaus via Studioilse

Vitrahaus via Studioilse

I’ve recently been gifted the book The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes, and I am not kidding – I cannot put it down. This is not a usual occurrence for me. I can barely get through reading one whole article in a newspaper or magazine, or barely a blog post at the best of times but this book is speaking my language! I love it. So much inspiration and so many words of wisdom.

One piece in the book was written by Ilse Crawford, the founder of Studioilse and it’s all about having a “Homely Home” and how to actually do that.

One point Ilse brought up has struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it. Isle mentions the quote “All evidence of truth come only from the senses." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Our senses are what ground us in the moment and slow us down, make us aware.

Chalet Fontanet via  Studioilse

Chalet Fontanet via Studioilse

And in order to make your home feel more homely, you need to focus on the things we touch and use everyday:

  • Fill your home with floorboards made from real wood, yes – real floorboards. Our feet connect with the floor every single day.
  • Engage your senses with quality glasses that feel good to pick up and hold while you drink
  • Put a beautiful set of sheets on your bed, save up, splash out and buy 100% linen sheets or a thousand count cotton. You’re in your bed every single night for hours on end – make sure you invest in a quality place to rest.
  • Use different lighting in different rooms and for different purposes. To make yourself and your emotions feel at ease.
  • Put some objects that have history and sentimental value up on the walls or in the home, they are talking pieces that also trigger memories.

A good way to asses your house and see what you can do to make it more homely, is to make a list of things in your home that you use and touch every day and decide if they have integrity. Remember, the home is a place we invite our friends and family into, it’s a place we celebrate the everyday. It’s a place where the ordinary can be upgraded!

Ett Hem via  Studioilse

Ett Hem via Studioilse

If we engage all of our senses in our house, it becomes a home where we can live in delight rather than drudgery. - This just makes me gush and go "See, this is why you need nice things in the home, things you love" And maybe it's also why I love being at home and sinking into a delicious cup of tea and enjoy my surroundings. I love my home and when people step into it, they love it to.

Thst's it from your zen-master today.





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