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The best kids bedroom finds on Etsy.com

The best kids bedroom finds on Etsy.com


Etsy is home to an endless plethora of awesome products for the home, and even more endless awesomeness when it comes to the home for the little ones! That's right, those cutie petuties in our lives. 
So what better way to celebrate the young ones and the home, by sharing some of my favourite kid's bedroom room products from Etsy.com

All little ones need a gym right? Straight to it, time to get fit! How cute is this sweet alternative to the usual daggy "gyms" you can find out there. A custom made cloud shaped play gym. Then when it's not being played with - it just kind of looks cool on it's own anyway!

Every kid's bedroom needs some kind of cubby house, and when you don't want them taking off the doona from the bed, and bedsheets from all spots in the house to make their little abode - well this fun teepee is the answer!

There's also lots of super cool monochrome children's room decor, like all of the above from left to right: Grow Up Wall Art, Confetti Play Mat, Woolfelt Cloud Hanging, Little Mr

This swing! I die! I just want it to be hanging in my house, and I don't even have kids! So cute and so much fun.

These quirky shelves are a nice alternative to that Ikea Billy Bookcase that, come on, we all own or have owned once in our lives!

This beautiful hand-knitted ottoman looks so soft and cosy and comfy. It's perfect to throw on top of a fluffy rug in the little one's room for them to climb all over.

This cloud lamp is so delightful and so divine! I love it, do you think it's okay in a 30 year old's bedroom? Ha!

The duo at Tiny Kiosk are AWESOME. And look at this cute cork and steel side table which doubles as a stool. This is perfection and has that cute playful scandi look to it.

There is so so so much affordable art on Etsy.com. This silly sea otter is just one of SO MANY different options. 

Lots of awesome wall hook ideas! From left to right: Loop Design Studio, Hello Knobbly, Cool House Art

And of course, how could I not do a little self-promo in an Etsy-related blog post. This cool cushion is so much fun and you can throw it onto their bed, onto the floor or anywhere! You can also make custom version's of the same cushion of their furry-best friend.

I hope you've found something you like here or just get on Etsy and get lost in a world of fun products for kids.


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