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Design Your Own Home Office With Temple & Webster

Design Your Own Home Office With Temple & Webster

Late last year I made it official and purchased my own home! It was one of the most nerve wracking and exciting things I've done in a long while and now I am proud as punch with what I've got. 

One of the first things I had to do was actually furnish the house, after living in share houses and rentals and then house sitting for a year, I didn't really own much aside from a bed that was in my parents garage and a few other bits and pieces.

So the hunt was on to find some stylish and affordable pieces to turn the house into a home. After searching high and low and realising my budget wouldn't allow me to just decorate with the entire Jardan suite, I realised I had to get creative.

I stumbled across Temple & Webster. A furniture and homewares online store, full of designer pieces and the BEST prices. Seriously, if you don't believe me - take a look. I found two big beautiful rugs that I could actually afford to keep inside cosy along with a few other pieces to decorate with. 

Now that I am settled in, I'm moving onto other rooms of the house and have just created a bit of an inspiration list that I wanted to share with everyone - a collection of pieces from Temple & Webster to put together my dream home office.

Starting with the basics, a desk, a chair and some storage.

1. Milan Direct Ash Marcelle Desk - this desk is super sleek, scandi inspired and has that beautiful ash teak finish! I am in love.

2. When it comes to desk chairs, T&W have a HUGE range, my theory is that I don't want my desk chair to take  over the home office, and being someone who works at a computer all day long - you don't actually want to be sitting all day long. I like to mix it up and stand as well - so this chair I think provides the perfect mix of style and practicality. 

3. Indifera Storage Basket - storage baskets are a stylish way to hide away all your bits! If your office is anything like mine and contains lots of craft supplies, these are a great place to store fabric offcuts or even cushions and blankets! 

4. By Designs Danni 6 x 4 Cube Shelf - is my new favourite. Everyone needs a good bookshelf in their office and this is the one. The different size pockets add a nice touch of character so you can fit all the different size things you collect. 

1. Skog Wall Clock - cause every good office needs a wall clock, and the wood grain in this will bring out the wood gain in my desk perfectly.

2. Get Shit Done Notebook - I love the whole range from Mi Goals, but this get shit done notebook is particularly good for keeping track of your goals and to-do lists. Seriously, this is a daily lifesaver. Even for the days where you feel like you've got nothing done!

3. Corban & Blair Leather A6 Notebook - I can't resist a cute little mustard yellow notebook.

4. Pink Lamp - Pastel pink is very on trend right now, luckily for me I've always loved this tone of pink and am jumping for joy that I can decorate my house with some cute pastel pinks! Plus every scandi-inspired desk needs s cute lamp to finish off those late night calls.

5. Pink Vases - Rather than using these vases for flowers, I plan to keep these for paintbrushes, knitting needles and pens. 

6. Sigrid Mint Vase - ok the office can't just be all about work - I'll use this one for flowers. 

Finally, what is a home office without a little artwork for inspiration? There are SO MANY incredible finds on the Temple and Webster site, in particular - these are my current top three.

1. Coral Wall Art

2. Flow 8 Framed Print

3. Geometric 5 Framed Print

I'll stop there for now, but I'd love to see your office come together or if you have any other favourites you've found from the Temple and Webster site  whether it's furniture, bookcases or more!

 “You’ve never been to Japan?!”

“You’ve never been to Japan?!”