Interior Colour Trend Inspiration for 2018

It’s one of my favourite times of year!

No, not Christmas but that time of year when Dulux announce their 2018 Colour Trends. This news is especially exciting to me because I am currently in the middle of a long and thrifty home renovation and am always looking for ideas that look forward. Though my walls have already been splashed with Dulux Lexicon Quarter, I’m feeling the vibes of the escapade colour palette and trying to bring that Palm Springs and travel feel indoors as much as possible. Perhaps with a touch of the essential pallet to highlight my sustainable approach to the home.

Now let’s take a look and asses what colour trends their predicting and find out how they can fit into the complex challenges of everyday life and how I might even work them into my house renovation and add some new life to my otherwise boring home.


The 2018 colour themes are:

A rich, earthy palette to fill you with warmth and positivity. If you are one of those people (not me) that are all about folklore, spirituality, tradition and wellbeing, then this theme might stand out to you. You will feel at home amongst herby greens and natural clays.

Dulux Interior Colour Trends - Kinship
Dulux Interior Colour Trends - Kinship


  • A colourful mish-mash that’s all about positive vibes, cultural influences and community.
  • It’s about the muted reds, pastel pinks, purple greys and mustard golds mixed with barky browns.

Colour tip:

The key to an eclectic colour mix can be as simple as keeping it tonal. Scheme rich ochre with terracotta and rust and use contrasting colours sparingly.

Calm and nurturing colours to help you slow down and live a little lighter. If you are somebody (like myself) who wants to live more sustainably and appreciates natural and recycled materials, then you may find your interior colour style heading towards the essential vibes.

Dulux Interior Colour Trends - Essential
Dulux Interior Colour Trends 2018
  • It’s all about the simple pleasures in life and remembering that things don’t have to be so complicated. Use natural light to bring out the best in your home.
  • Colours are; tans, muted olives, clay, grey and blue whites and muted blues

Colour tip

Combine naturals such as soft brown, sand and grey green for a relaxing scheme conducive to taking time out.

A dreamy cocktail of colours to inspire discovery and escape. Make every day feel like a holiday! That is exactly how escapade makes me feel. Not only is it about bright and bold colours but mixing that with statement patterns and shapes with unexpected combinations. Make people say “WOW” when they enter your home.

Dulux Interior Colour Trends 2018
  • Colours to inspire you to pack your bags and head off to an exotic escape
  • Colours include bright poppy mints and peach, blues, whites and oranges. Think Palm Springs Californian style.

Colour tip

Take a colour vacation. A playful clash of colours helps to brighten your space and feels as good as a holiday.


Juicy greens and moody hues to blend with your present. If you are tempted by classic architecture and design, then you might find yourself turning your space into a reflective and moody pallet. The hints of 70s glamour and sassy bursts of 90s style make reflect a fun theme to play with.

Dulux Interior Colour Trends 2018
  • The colour trend to suit those hopeless romantics, full of inspiration from your design icons from the past and opulent style.
  • Colours include jungle greens, smoky pinks and terracotta reds mixed with deep dark hues of green and purple

Colour tip

Don’t be afraid to use deep moody blues to add sophistication and elegance to your favourite room.

Once you see these pallets sitting side-by-side you notice a common theme that is welcoming and warm tones. Though these trends are styled into modern, luxe, rustic and refined, they all share the feeling of balancing out moods with calming effects.

The 2018 Dulux Colour Trends are full of inspiration and certainly have me re-thinking my entire renovation style. I think if I can find a way to make the essential meet the escapade, my home truly will be one of colour, warmth and fun.

If you want to learn more or are looking for more home interior trend ideas, you can nosey around my blog are read more – or head over to Dulux to learn more about each colour trend and how to inject it into your home and life.